About Vulcan Investments

Vulcan Investments started acquiring properties in 2017, currently managing 20+ commercial & Multi-Family properties in Monmouth & Middlesex counties. We are constantly searching the market for additional properties to add to our portfolio, and have a continuous stream of investors driving us to find new ways to deploy capital.

we help investors

Vulcan Investments helps investors achieve their diversification goals

Become a Vulcan Investments member in minutes and you'll have exclusive access to our curated commercial real estate investments. In addition, you'll benefit from:

Experienced Fiduciaries

Our investment committee averaging 25 years of experience, our cutting-edge data scientists, and experienced on-the-ground operators sets our investments apart from others.

Low Fees

Vulcan Investments offers lower fees compared to relative competing firms’ fees that are applied to investments. We cut out promoting fees that other institutions may charge.


Vulcan Investments is not like any other in the industry. We provide detailed insights on the investment committee rationale and ongoing quarterly reporting on all of our assets which are available at any time.

Potential for Liquidity

Vulcan Investments provides investors with the potential to exit eligible assets during our secondary windows. This is compared to traditional real estate investment funds that lock up your capital for years.


The Importance Of A Real Estate Investment Portfolio

A real estate investment portfolio is an invaluable component to establishing credibility for residential redevelopers and entrepreneurs. Real estate investment portfolios represent an entrepreneur’s allocation of funds into physical properties, and perhaps even REIT portfolios.

Real estate investment portfolios are much like a resume; a comprehensive compilation of previous deals. They are a collection of one’s previous successes, and even failures. It’s the closest thing to a track record as you will see, and a lot more valuable than many may realize.

Low Stock Market Correlation

Real estate performance has low correlation to public markets and is structured to provide a hedge against market volatility

Capital Preservation

Real estate, when properly leveraged, is a tangible asset intended to preserve capital

Cash Flow Generation

Real estate is designed to generate stable, predictable cash flow, through booms and busts



The needs of our investors guide how we grow as a company and how we advance technologically.


The status quo is not good enough for us. We are always determined to provide better real estate investing and finance through our technology.


We earn the trust of investors every day through detailed reporting and frequent project updates.

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two ways to invest with us

Vulcan Investments Direct Access Fund
$50,000 *Minimum investment size
Invest in our flagship fund, a highly diversified portfolio of multifamily, industrial, office, and hotel properties focused on fifteen high potential growth markets across the United States emerging from post-COVID dislocations.
$50,000 *Minimum investment size
For investors who would rather select individual assets, become a member to see our available opportunities. We typically launch a new asset once per month and launch secondary buyer windows once per quarter. In both cases, equity is allocated on a first-come,first-served basis.

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